Consulting Process

Matter Identification


  • Asset information: asset list, quantity, location…
  • Client’s request: valuation purpose, point of time…
  • For the assets with big value or complicated assets such as corporate value, investment project, production line, intangible assets: preliminary survey for the status quo and related documents is needed.
Service fee offerarrows
  • Offer in details: works, proposal fees, timing, action plan…
  • Service fee agreement.

  • Sending contract draft;
  • Discussing to agree the contract’s articles;
  • Signing contract.
Detailed plan preparationarrows
  • Planning in detail: time, progress, manpower, means of participation, supporting request…
  • Informing plan;
  • Sending detailed lists of supplied records, documents.
Survey, investigationarrows
  • Surveying , valuating asset status quo;
  • Examining, collecting related legal files and technical documents;
  • Surveying market and gathering necessary information.
Information analysis & valuatingarrows
  • Summarizing and classifying information;
  • Analyzing and selecting information;
  • Choosing the valuation methods and doing calculation, adjustment;
  • Preparing valuation report;
  • Reviewing valuation report.
  • Informing valuation result/Sending draft of valuation report;
  • Discuss to clients the contents of valuation report;
  • Adjusting, adding (if any).
Report improvement
  • Finishing valuation report;
  • Issuing and handing over certificate/report;
  • Copying valuation files;
  • Refunding original profile to clients;
  • Liquidating contract.